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Welcome to the parent section of the 3…2…1…0 Blast off to a healthier family! program.  You may have been referred here by your child’s doctor to help support the healthy lifestyle recommendations you discussed.  Or, you may have come to this webpage on your own to find ways that your family can adopt healthier habits.  Either way, this information from physicians and staff at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, in conjunction with Children’s Health Education Center, will help you be successful.

Get started by taking this survey. Depending on how many people are in your family, you may want to take the survey more than once. Once you complete the survey, click on the “Submit” button to identify areas of concern.
Blast Off to a Healthier Family

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How many times a week, does your child skip a meal?
In total, how many hours a day does your child watch TV, play video games, use the computer or talk on the phone?
How many days a week is your child physically active, outside of school time, for a total of at least 60 minutes?  (Examples: walking, running, swimming, playing basketball, dancing, playing outside or bike riding.)
How many times a day does your child drink any of the following: 100% fruit juice, regular soda, sports drinks, juice drinks, juice boxes, flavored milk, lemonade or Kool-aid®.
How many days a week does your family eat a meal together at the table?

If you find that your family has room for improvement, check out the following links for specific information related to each key area in weight management:
You will be provided with recommendations that will help you, your child, and your family become healthier. The recommendations from physicians at CHW are successful in helping children and adolescents manage their weight. However, these recommendations work best when the entire family supports one another by doing them together.

When people try to change too many things at once, it is really difficult to maintain the changes. This is one of the main reasons people get discouraged when they make lifestyle changes. The key is to take it one change at a time, and go slowly. When the change you have made becomes a habit for your family, you can work on making additional lifestyle changes.