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  • Visit Safeville with a child to learn how to stay safe around poisons.
  We have a variety of ways for parents and caregivers to get involved in the lives of kids.  

Children's Health Education Center provides parents and caregivers with the resources they need to keep children healthy and safe.

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Practical Advice for Parents
The following articles focus on quick, practical tips to keep parents, children and teens moving in the right direction. Check back each month for new tips and information that will help you on your journey through parenthood. For a free copy of Practical Advice for Parents or Practical Advice for Parents of Teens, call (414) 266-5420.


For parents of children ages birth to 12: For parents of teens:

Visit our CHEC Publications page for more on these subjects.

Garage sales: Deal or danger?
A toaster for $2! A set of encyclopedias for $10! The bargains we find at local garage sales and resale shops can be too good to believe … and sometimes they are. Without knowing it, many people purchase or sell dangerous and recalled items at their resale shops or garage sales.  

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